Why does every one litter!?
Im so confused... why do people litter? I mean like its not that hard just to hold the little bit of garbage in your hand for like a minute or put it in your pocket. Like keep Alberta clean for crist sake. we all want to live in a beautiful world not one filled will garbage everywhere its getting to a point where it’s extremely ridiculous. In Calgary or Airdrie rather I know for a fact that every one is all like “what ever some one will pick it up”. uhmm how about no why don’t you pick it up walk a couple steps and throw it out. I mean like do you wanna wake up and look out side see chip bags and cigarette buts every where? Or have your children breathing in pluted air? Being afraid to let little ones play at the park cause you don’t know what might be in the sand or little rocks. The people in communities are trying extremely hard to keep there home clean. Why don’t you help out in sted or throwing your shit on the ground keep it in your pocket for a few minutes? I was driving with my mom the other day in to Calgary and right when we got in to it.
All I could see on country hills was garbage every where... I got so mad and had a mini rant. There were chip bags plastic bags Styrofoam it’s every where. create a better environment for every one. Look to the future. Buy letting garbage float around its getting everything. It kills animals Some mistaken it for food and eat it. Fucck it’s not that hard. Look to the future do you want our beautiful city, province, country, world to be filled with land fills. Things like plastic dose not decompose so it will say in the ground and interfere with the growing nurturance of plants... oh yah and plants we kinda need those to produce oxygen with out it we will die. I know even me I love to shop but we are cutting down trees like crazy to make shopping malls ect... And we wont have oxygen left in years to come... a lot of people believe that were going to die in 2012 and yah you know we honestly could I mean think people that’s in 4 years. if we keep doing this and ignore global warming it going to happen. some say when its our time its our time yah sure but we don’t have to egg it on. I mean fucking common guys make a difference. Just throw away your garbage. Instead of getting plastic bags when getting groceries get reusable cloth ones. Be more ego friendly. Please keep our world clean.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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