Little Big Planet RULES!

Little Big Planet is one of the most awesome games I have ever played.  Keep in mind I am old enough to remember when Nintendo Came out.  I have been an avid gamer for my entire life and if you do not own this game yet it is a must.  I know that it looks childish and all but I havent been able to get away from it.  I have been playing it all day.  I actually cancelled the plans I had tonight just to keep playing this game.  Every so often I pause and make a comment on here to take a break but for the most part this game has me by the BALLS.  It is so much fun to play.  It is challenging but not in a fustrating way.  The ability to create your own levels and share them on the playstation network is amazing.  You can create your own objects with in the game.  For example I created a Giant Duck that rides a skate board down a huge ramp.  At the bottom is a jump that you hit and you go through a ring of fire.  That is just one part of this level that I am working.  Ohh yea you are riding the duck like John Wayne.  This game is sick.  If anyone else has this game please chime in.

Uploaded 10/26/2008
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