Little bobby

A little boy goes to play outside and he hears his parents inside,shouting at eachother. "You stupid ugly bitch!" His father yelled. "You insensitive mindless bastard!" his mother replied. Later he goes to his mother and says "Mommy,Whats a bitch, and whats a bastard?" She thinks quickly and says "well a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentleman." so later he goes outside and he hears the neighbors Having sex. he hears the words "Pussy" and "Penis" He goes to his mom and asks what it means."Well a penis is a hat and pussy is a coat. so he goes upstairs and his father is shaving. he cuts himself and yells "SHIT!"
Little bobby asks "Daddy,what is shit?" he replied "Its just another word for blood" his father says. so then he goes downstairs and his mother is making a turkey. she cuts herself "FUCK!" she exclaimed. He goes "mommy, what is 'fuck' ?" its just a word for cutting up. so later the guests arrived. the little boy says "Greetings bitches and bastards! may I have your penis and pussy? Dad is upstairs washing shit off his face and mom is in the kitchen fucking the chicken.

The mother fainted.

Uploaded 06/12/2008
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