Little Paki's Five Minutes of Fame

 In the late 1970's a lot of Pakistanis immigrated to Canada, everyone and their dogs were making fun of them, bullying them and occasionally putting a beating on them. In my childhood and early youth racism was not really a factor in my life until the Pakistanis came to town.

I personally, didn't care but I have to admit, if I could get a laugh by telling a Paki joke, I did. One of my favorites to tell was, "what's transparent and lies at the side of the road"?

Answer, " a Paki with the shit kicked out of him". It would always be good for a laugh. Today I find it boorish.

On another occasion my yet to be diagnosed, adopted schizophrenic brother was taunting a few Pakistani brothers across the street. They came at him with hockey sticks in anger, my brother turned and ran in fear. I quickly ran onto the street, two of the brothers ran off but the third one, while pissing himself, stood his ground. I quickly took the stick from him as he tried to hit me. I let him retreat back into his garage unscathed.

Shortly afterward, I gave my brother shit and told him to leave them alone. Apparently, many of my neighbors where watching the incident for which I received lots of praise. Not something I was used to. I was proud I protected my brother, but felt bad for the Pakistani family. Confused teenager living in the big city. A dime a dozen.

In high school gym class we had the customary fat ass bully. The little Paki with glasses was his favorite target. That little guy ignored him and tried to avoid him, but when you are in the boys changing room there is no where to hide.

The big bully approached the little Paki as he sat on the bench. I was sitting to the left of little Paki. Big ass started the usual taunting followed by some one finger pokes to the chest. Little Paki coolly  takes off his glasses, folds them closed, hands them to me, stands up straight and lays one sweet jab to fat face. Well, poor ol' fat face fell back on his hog rump, his face in shock. I handed Little Paki his glasses back and he then went about his business.

From then on in, no one bothered Little Paki, in fact it wasn't long afterward the Paki jokes stopped, Little Paki came to some parties and Fat Ass and Little Paki became friends.

It can take a lot to stand up for what is right, but when you do the rewards are ten fold.




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