Live and Let Dangle

Tired of the Rin vs. Holly roller crusade? Tired of Frogbob telling you that you don't exist? Tired of people telling you that you are a lady even though you have two big stinky balls hanging between your legs. You are in luck because I have designed a website just for you. It is called

After carefully following Shylilazn's advice I have decided to go in the website business. With her advice and  Phylisio's ever so spirit lifting blow jobs I have had much success. Kind of like Shylilazn's sex change.

Looking good Shylilazn!
Here is me after Phylisio's blow job.
Yes I am very successful now. Join my website and you will have much success like us. Sure, you will have to pay a very large application fee and you will have to pay first months bill, last months bill and a hefty security deposit that will not refunded, but it is all worth it in the name of success. I will also guarantee you results in a week and you get nothing back. Good deal, huh?

Lets take a look at some of our results and testimonials. First up is Flying746238404987 or whatever his name is. After just a few days he is glowing with colors.
Good Job buddy! You finally did it.
He says and I quote " I feel like I always wanted to feel deep down inside me". "Your website is the all time best and made me the the success I am today, just look at me!".

If that doesn't sell you than this story sure will. Everyone meet Frogbob.
This is before joining my fabulous successful site. Lets see how he is doing now.
Good God. He has got a sword and a bag of gold for christs sake!

Now we all know Rin is Godless soul who wears only panties. I think she just needed a boost in her life and it definitely wasn't going to God or anything of that nature.
Jesus Christ! Rin put on some snow pants. We are having a cold snap and you may catch pneumonia.
Close enough, Rin. Yeah I am pretty sure Rin is a satanic overlord from Romania.
Next up, the man we all know but don't really believe in, Jesus Christ.
Damn, Jesus, you look like shit. I will have you fixed up in a jiffy!
What the fuck! Not again, Jesus. Some people or sons of Gods just won't be able to succeed with out the help from me and my success team. Don't you worry Jesus's dad has a lot of loot and power and he will surely pay my outrageous fees.

In conclusion, I am committed to make everyone succeed even Hardasnails and Conflict1. I know your thinking, "Hiesenburg, I think they both have down syndrome and therefore will only succeed to about the 2nd grade level". I appreciate your concern and I am not scared to take on such a task. Sure it will take a lot of Play-doh and macaroni art but I am committed.
Uploaded 01/24/2013
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