Live Chat! Is Where It's At!

My friend Deevo, had requested I take part in live chat here on eBaums.  I know, eh? Dangle and Deevo are friends? Yep sir!  Against all known conformism, we get along.  Anyways, Fuck Deevo, I gots some blogging to do.

So there I was in Live Chat. I have no camera or mic. Deevo is doing a strip tease for me in my honor, explaining to me what breakfast he will serve me to replace my bodily fluids. White Chocolate is passing out used condoms? PepperPeanut  tells me never to whisper his real name or he will ban me.  (It's Mr, Softy) Shhh! Don't tell.

It was a real  eye opener. I met some interesting people.  The ladies were soooo pretty.  How the hell do lovely ladies like that spend one moment alone unfrisked, I'll never know! Times are a changing foe sure!

Everyone was choking on bong hits. This one guy Cali, kept zombying out . Alt 4 or something, I don't know. Some dudes mom, in red silk pajamas kept prancing in front of the camera. The dude built some makeshift curtain to block her out, but it was getting late and she was enforcing curfew.

For some strange reason after asking Gyps questions, such as, " What do I need to do to get banned from here." Or, " What exactly are the rules". My comp froze on me with that high pitched sound I haven't heard since I ruled Yuri's Revenge.

Deevo informed me, "Daddy" was on Skype. Who's your Daddy? So I was left alone to explore this untamed world.

The comments were generally three to four words long. "You are a faggot" was popular. "Gyps get nekkid" was a recurring theme. Oh my,  this lovely lady Beccy had a bevy of sweet requests. Things like, "Lie down, spread your legs" were read from the more sophisticated.

The next morning or this morning I felt very nauseous. It was as if I smoked a cigar for the first time in my life. My head kept racing around that chat room. It was as if I was poisoned. At about 5am I almost puked. I haven't puked in over twenty years for any reason and I have had reason.  I got up early for work feeling. "Fucked Up".  It wasn't until 10:30 am before I was reconstituted.

I talked to my son about it and he told me he gets the same in a rave bar. He just wants to beat on everything or get out. I'm the same way in crowds. I get sensory overload.


Uploaded 07/04/2011
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