They are creatures that are here just to entertain you and you can tell that after 5 minutes of dealing with them. Just read some comments to the blogs.

You write a decent blog - they'll rate it down with alts and make pointless comments.

You tell them that their comment has nothing to do with your blog - they'll say they don't read your blogs, because they don't want to waste their precious time that they use on sitting for hours in your blog, hitting the refresh button for replies to their troll comments.

I wrote a silly story about a Japanese war hero - Letemdangle reposted 3 articles about Canadian war heroes moments after. Too bad he didn't read my blog, because somewhere in the middle my hero learns to breathe fire from the dragons.

Sarcasm - google it.

Someone makes a joke or owns them verbally - the trolls won't get it. They are just too stupid.

FrogsLady: "Tyaeda you are a dog.. maybe that explains the shit that's always falling out of your mouth."

Tyaeda: "What kind of dogs do you have? I had a dog, and he never shit out of his mouth.... he used to hump legs... but he never shit out of his mouth."

The saddest part - They always act like they are experts. Some high school drop-out works as a welder for a few months? She'll write a hand book about it. Pissant-poor old musician, nobody has ever heard about? He'll be the music expert here. He plays Led Zeppelin covers in his garage for over 20 years, so he must know what REAL music is all about. Not this shit played on the radio. You can tell it's not good music just from the fact these artists make millions of dollars. Metallica was a good band before they started to make money. Fucking sell-outs.


What do you do with llamas? You ride them. They are intellectually inferior, so they won't come up with anything that can offend you - quite the contrary, they are like stooges who whore for your attention. That's because you're somebody and they can't stand it.

As for the quality bloggers - we'll keep writing good articles and laughing our asses off at the hater comments.
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