Long week and now for my rant..........

There are an awful lot of us who have been doing the political blogs and now its over I have a question...........What in the HELL happened to every body's sense of humor??? Look guys I really loved the political shit but its over and when Obama screws up I WILL BE THERE but we must let him screw up. I for one hope I am so wrong about what I thought is the best way to run this country but he hasn't done anything yet. I guess we have been arguing for so long that we forgot how to laugh at each others stupid stuff.


So here it is STOP IT or I am telling MOM and yes my mom is still alive and she gives the best ass whoop-ins around and all I have to do is call her and she will be here with her shoe (notorious shoe thrower) and YOU HAVE HAD IT. So loosen up and lets talk about something except the poop blogs I cant go there but please feel free to write them.


Thanks for reading and dont make me call mom Bohank

Uploaded 11/07/2008
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