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The US jobless rate was more than 10 per cent. Inflation touched 15 per cent. Soviet troops marched unmolested into Afghanistan. America watched helpless as its diplomats were held hostage by Iranian revolutionaries for 444 days. In the rest of the world, from Latin America to Asia, American power yielded to the communist advance; economically, America was being bested by Japan and Germany.

And then there was the moment when the US President was almost felled by a killer rabbit. It struck one day in 1979 when Mr Carter was in the presidential dinghy on a fishing trip in Georgia. A large, evidently amphibious animal with big floppy ears and protuberant teeth swam boldly up to the Presidents boat and had to be smacked away with a paddle (a nice metaphor in many respects: the President may have been up the creek but at least he still had his paddle). These are but a few of the things we had to put up with when Carter was in office and why Reagan is looked at with such reverance from most people who lived and paid bills back then.


This was part of an article from the Times on line and I started thinking that maybe Obama is this generations Reagan. It was damn difficult when Carter was in office you had no money and you had no pride and we were laughed at around the world and then cowboy Reagan came in and things changed for the better. The economy and lack of jobs that we have today was the same back then until Reagan came into office and when I hear people defend Carter they are either stone cold democrat's or they really didnt have to live through it and what I mean by living through it was paying bills and raising a family. People always bring up Reagan's firing of air traffic controllers as if that is a bad thing, you can NOT let any company or group of people hold this country for ransom whether you are an oil company, an insurance company or a group of greedy ass people who thought THEY were in charge. God bless Reagan for this if for nothing else.


ah screw it I am finished with this crap, instead of reading my crap or wallsheep take the time to look shit up and the reason I feel like looking back is important is so we dont do it again but hell we are repeating the process once again so I guess it doesnt matter. Let me help you with one thing that I know for sure if Wallsheep posts ANYTHING political then you know its wrong. There I saved you some time.....


Thanks for taking the time to read this Bohank

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