Lord of the Flies

I am willing to bet that everyone reading this has been made to read Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' as most highschool english classes require it. It is not my intention to sound like a disafected non comformist, but it seems to me the allegory this book creates is utter bullshit. Golding is trying to say that a culture created by people will not function by having children do just this and descend into self destruction. This seems to me like it's just more of that original sin nonsense. this crap is back formed. no one could look at what humans are doing and conclude something besides that people must be evil inside. it couldn't be possible for them that perhaps people are okay, and this culture is broken. What is the conclusion that is supsoed to be drawn from this book, that if people are left alone without and authority figure, specifically children, they'll turn into evil vicious fucks. Keep in mind that at the end of the book and authority figure turns the children compalcent again. I'm sure they love school children to think this is true. Where is the historical evidence of this? Where are the evil children? Why is it that cultures separated from civilization and authority figures aren't evil centers of self destrucion like what hapened to the children? Why in fact are they almost devoid of drug use, theft, murder, or rape? Don't give me that noble savage shit. someone tell me what you are suposed tot ake away from this book, I'm willing to hear it.

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