Lost time Lost life.......

When you get older (just ask wallboy) the things that really get to you is when life has been wasted and and you look back and ask "where did my life go" and the problem is although you know what happened it still amazes you how it got away. I noticed for ythe fist time back late of 2005 although it started in 2004 but, I AM TAKING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sitting in front of my TV where I spend a lot of time when it came on and the smile that came across my face must have looked like a teenager when he first sees a BooB. It said THE FINAL SEASON OF LOST. Thanks God THANK YOU, I have never watched a show that has aggavated me more than Lost, week after week you get no closer to the truth and what you think you know is probably wrong. I do know that whatever the explanation is it will not make up for the time and aggavation. I promise you this NEVER will another show take my time again.


Thanks for reading Bohank

PS anybody else watching Flash Forward? I am..........oh hell here we go again, NEVER say NEVER.

Uploaded 11/10/2009
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