Lots of free time

I know that at least 99% of you out there have uttered the statement "If only I didn't have to (work, care for children, study.....) and had more free time life would be great!


Well as someone who has had 4 - 6 weeks of "free time" forced on them and is only beginning the second week it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

I personally love reading, classic movies, model rocketry and playing with my dogs. All of which I have been doing to excess this week and still after just a few days of feeling better I find myself bored and aimless by about 4 in the afternoon. I sit by the door with the dogs waiting for what's her name to get home just for someone to talk to. most of my friends are working during the day so there is no relief there. and just the thought of talking with someone is an exciting thougth. And Jesus i have 3-5 more weeks to go.


Alright down to brass tacks the purpose of this blog was to find out how you my fellow bloggers would handle  this much time in your house moderately impaired (physically not chemically)?


I really am curious to know what you would do and maybe I can take some of your ideas and implement them for myself!

Thanks for Your input.


Uploaded 01/29/2010
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