Love is an amazing thing

Who knew love could be as powerful as it is. I never thought it could be. Until I met my current girlfriend. Most of my other exs I said "I love you too" but I didn't put much heart into. But this one is completely different. Everytime I tell her I love her I mean it with everything in my being. She is my one and only the last girl I will ever have to be with. To me she is the most gorgeous girl I've laid my eyes upon. She's everything I could have asked for. Comes with a bit of baggage but doesn't everyone? The last time I've ever known this happiness was years ago but that was then and now is now. I'm sure everybody has theire significant other and if they don't they'll find 'em. Kinda strange how love works out. I was tired of looking for the 1 girl I could spend my life with and one day I met her but didn't know it. Since being with her I've never been happier never even thought about being with someone else no other person could take her spot beside me. No thoughts of not loving her just loving her and only her. I can't imagine myself being with anybody else and it amazes me that I've found my true love at the young age of 19. People bitch about me being engaged to her but when you find you're true love you just don't give a fuck what people say about it.


Uploaded 08/05/2008
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