Love letter........

I want to wish my Ebaum family a Happy and safe New years and I hope to be back on my regular basis as soon as I can get my kid back to school and I can stop playing Rock Band. I do find this all kind of amusing and sad that when I get a life outside of Ebaums I miss you guys. Just goes to show you that life is what you make it, and I like mine on here just fine.  Now a couple of things........

UK has won more college Basketball games than ANY other team so IU=Please and WV= my sympathies of the heart ache you will soon have. lol just kidding guys but my daughter bought me tickets and took me to a UK game last week and it is one of the memories I will keep my entire life.


Thanks for reading Bohank and for the love of God act like you have some sense out there, this is what I just said to my daughter as she is getting ready to go party.

Uploaded 12/31/2009
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