Love, my view

Love is not something as special as most people may think in most cases. We all have highschool relationships to prove that. But What might it mean if you were with one person in your life who you loved for a few years then went away for school causing it to end due to distance issues, only to realize 6 or 7 months later that you havent even tried to get with a single other person no matter how drunk how whatever else you may both be no matter how lonely life gets you just dont want anybody else. True love can not die, it only takes its breaks. It is deceptive and makes you feel like crap but through that darkness you fix your life you better yourself and all the scars left behind for both people involved heal. By that time you come to the sudden realization that the reason you haven't bothered is because you really are in love.

Just like everything else in life it has its high points and it has its low points, but everything fits together eventually.
Uploaded 11/19/2010
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