lovely drugs

As abhorrent as I find drug use, I think I understand why some people do. We live in a world that is rich and fulfilling and challenging, but only if you can afford it and have the opportunities in your demographic to explore it. 
        For the great many of us, I think life is one insurmountable up hill struggle, where we scrape out our meager existence trying to get by in life and try to come to terms with the sheer futility of our lives. I have never tried drugs in my life but I am aware of the feelings of physical detachment various drugs can give for example, euphoria and hallucinations. If even for only a bitterly short period of time a certain substance could allow you to escape from the fact your life may well be going no where. If for even a fleeting moment you can feel free from your personal circumstances, free from being a nothing or a nobody. 
      But this is of course only my opinion as for others it could be a means to enhance a  night out, push the boundaries of others, or simply entertain bored and jaded celebrities who live a life where little is denied. But even these I think are using it as a form of escapism, even if you are a millionaire who is to say you are content with your own existence. For a lot of you, you will read this and think duh, but yes I have only just thought this shit up now. 
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