Make It on YouTube

NOTE: my fellow eBaumers. I take it that you hate YouTube as much as I do. Don't get me started. Know this song is geared toward YouTube, not my fellow freaks here. Peace.

What does it take, to make it on YouTube?
I'm not a hot chick, I don't have big boobs

Stupid, ditzy girls, with no form of talent
Such unfunny crap, seems like an imbalance

I see stupid shit that gets 1 million hits
Seems having huge tits is pre-requisite

Too many people, with too much fucking time
They have no life, so why waste mine?!?!

Chorus: Never wrote a song before
Never have I, composed a score

I despise, your RE-RE-REplies
Guess what?!?! Don't give a fuck what's on your mind

When reading comments, it seems to me,
that the text is funnier than the vids you see

I'm a film-maker, I want to make movies
But what do people watch? Its kinda confusing

cuz the weirder the video, the higher the rating,
Wheres my 15 minutes of fame, hey, I'm still waiting!!!!

I'd settle for 10 minutes, perhaps even 5
Maybe 1 minutes enough, to buy me a new ride

cuz fame equals fortune, at least that's how they sell it
But economy's in the the toilet, goddamn, can you smell it?!?!

Chorus: Never wrote a song before
never have I composed a score

The dumb-fucks in charge, are doing just that,
charging up a huge check, that our asses can't cash,

But hey, Fuck it!!! let's just watch YouTube
and hopefully this song, catches on bigger than swine flu

And who gives a rat's ass, if the US dollar declines?
Maybe the real lack of funds is going on in our minds...

Chorus: Never wrote a song before

Uploaded 06/04/2012
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