Making My Own Bogeyman.

After my last blog I was thinking about imagining a monster that was all my own. What would it look like? Would it even be something that could be viewed physically. Wings, fangs, talons, disfigured, grunting, moaning, farting. I realized all those combination's have already been achieved by  the time Star Wars was complete.

If I was to advance my thesis that  the human existence is bettered by the belief in a bogeyman, then I had best come up with a really frightening one. This bogeyman would have to be so powerful that it would literally motivate me to be a stronger person, a better person. This entity who's brutal capabilities to harm me would force me to stand up and fight or fall away and die.

The answer came to me.  The greatest monster I could possibly create that could do untold harm to me or force me to stand up and fight it, was simply myself. As myself, this entity is aware of my fears, it recognizes my weaknesses, all the inner shame within me it could exploit and make me like goop within it's grasp. If I turn away from this monster ignoring it's existence, it can choose to slowly gnaw away at me or consume me in one fatal move.

How this bogeyman destroys me, completely hinges on my decision making and how I choose to live life. If I live a life wild and carefree, ingesting copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, the monster can strike an ominous blow as it takes it's toll on my mind and body. If I neglect to maintain my home, my surroundings become dark, dirty and dismal. If I do not respect my wife and children then they will become minions of my enemy. Yes, there is no more powerful monster against you than the one you have created.

This is why the bogeyman is good for you, it gives you no option but to get up in the morning, take care of yourself, love your family and get your work done. For if you do not it will have a million ways to make your life miserable. Think of the heroes in epic movies and stories, the final battle is the one he or she has no possible chance to win. The hero knowing this, still faces the challenge to win or lose. Even Superman with all his powers had faced certain death, but by committing himself to win overcomes the greatest of evils.

In the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah where people indulged in carnal delights, God came down and destroyed them. This is obviously not true. Under those circumstances, God wouldn't have to do a thing. Over time the people got lazy, fat , diseased. No condoms or modern medicine back then. Their slaves probably figured out that they didn't have to work for these weak,diseased, self centered morons and burned the city while they slept.

God or Santa or bogeymen may or may not be real, but what you are is real. You can turn and face your demons and win an epic battle or you can turn away as they place your fate within their hungry jaws!

Withhold judgment until The Rebirth of Truth can be seen as a whole.- Letemdangle

I like some new music. This is pretty good. No need for some of the language though.


Wild is the Wind Official Trailer from Ninja Puppet on Vimeo.

Sarin is a woman trapped in a lifestyle of seduction pain and death. Her only friend is a small fleshy creature that lurks in the shadows of her basement named Wick. He holds the ability to heal her body but not her soul. Eventually Sarin begins to explore her options by confronting the life she's been forced into for so many years.

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