Man might have predicted the recent earthquake in China

Some random user at a forum I visit made a thread in wich he predicted there would be a huge earthquake in china around june.

He made this post at 6-5 -2008. He said the recent earthquake of a 7.9 scale wasn't the one he predicted and that the one he fears for will still come around somewhere in june.

I personally think it was a big coincidence and the june one won't come around, because the plates click back after a big earthquake,  it will take some time before another one of that scale could be possible.

However I must say it's quite a strange anomaly, this guy predicts a big earthquake in china only 2 weeks before it actually hit. Now what are the chances of that ?


His original post:

posted on 6-5-2008 @ 08:48 PM   

Predicting a huge earthquake in June 2008

I am passing this on - I wanted to put it on the record, in case the sources were correct.
A huge earthquake (over 9.5 Richter scale) is predicted for around mid-June this year (2008) - centred off the coast of China. It is predicted that a tsunami of 50m (I think) will race inland causing unimaginable damage. It will result in the Olympic Games being cancelled. The margin of error for the time is +/- 2 weeks, meaning it could be anytime in June.



I guess we'll have to wait and see, pray for these people it won't actually happen, because that would wipe out the entire region. Might want to come back to this when july comes around.

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