The winds of political change have come once again and we, the inhabitants of Ebaums, have been asked to choose sides in this e-revolution. Let me first say that i have no feelings either way as to the dispute between bauman and our new z_vue masters. i dont personally know bauman and as such, feel no loyalty to him. my decision to stay or go will be made soley on the treatment of  the new regime towards its e-citizens, and the loyalty i feel toward my fellow bloggers. so take this ,z_vue, as a declaration of our intention.

as with any change in leadership you must now prove your worth to us. without our faith in your ability to provide for us, we will inevitably wander and you will inevitably fail. as any great leader will tell you: if you desire to lead, then you must serve. bring us a site with entertaining media and maintain the spirit of the site that we so enjoy, and you can count on our continued support. bring us sub par media and make the mistake of presuming us mindless sheep in need of a master to feed them advertisement and we will undoubtedly revolt. what you must understand is that WE are ebaums. WE are what makes this site great. WE bring the media. WE write the blogs. WE click on the ads and allow you to get your paycheck. the only thing you have bought by paying off bauman is the right to serve US. serve us well and you will prosper. you are a social club WE have chosen to frequent. continue to alienate our friends and our loyalty demands restitution

though we constantly fight and bicker, nothing brings people together as one like a common threat. we as bloggers have become one entity and demand to be heard. you cannot silence us with your gestapo like mods. you cannot delete our accounts and still expect our loyalty. you cannot berate us with more and more ads and avoid our annoyance. you cannot fail to fulfill the promise of ereps and still expect us to bring you quality media. we are not your workhorse, crack the proverbial whip and expect to get beat with it. we are not a chaotic mass to be controlled and manipulated for the purpose of making money. we are a rising tide of bloggers who will stand either for or against you. though we have been driven apart by recent events, our loyalty to one another still stands, and we have the power to either make or break you. though individually we are a single drop of water, together we are a crashing wave that will destroy the house that z_vue built. respect our power and prosper. deny it and try to silence us, and prepare to lose everything. though individuals we are of one mind, and that mind demands to be respected, heard, and entertained.

I am sindicate, and i declare this The Blogger Revolution...

Uploaded 02/08/2009
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