Maple syrup of luck !

I woke up early today had to stop by the bank before I went to work, my good buddy calls me and

ask if I wanted breakfast from Tiffanys  I told him i would go half on a breakfast special 1 pancake

1 bacon strip 1 egg each split the cost at $2.50 each not bad for a good meal the pancakes are

huge so its worth it. I get to work and I have my plate ready and I sit down to eat, its still early I have

about 10 minutes before I have to clock in. I pour my syrup in on my pancakes not realizing the

syrup has leaked out onto the table and has drenched the lower left side of my t-shirt and a bit on

my crouch! I go to the bathroom to clean it up as much as possible, when I came back I finish my

food and clock in as soon as I sit down my supervisor tells me she has been let go from the

company, and I dont know if you guys remember that one co-worker I used to rant about and how

much I hated also got terminated, one of my closes co-workers also got canned which sucks !

now I dont know What the fuck im going to be doing im pretty much the only one left in my

department I have two other people still here, we me but man this is fucking nuts, I guess im

happy I didnt get canned also but I will be running a one man operations department fuck me ! I

knew this day was coming but why now!! my fucking world has just been flipped ! I blame Canada

for making maple syrup !    


Uploaded 05/11/2012
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