Married to the mob???

Well a good share of you know that recently I was married. To those of you just tuning in, I got married, there you go.  I am however getting suspicions about my wife that upon questioning will answer nothing, and by that I mean she literaly says nothing or changes the subject.  I have the attention span of a squirrel and usually she can easily get out of the questioning, and well I just have stopped asking. 

 I have decided to bring my suspicions to you, the community of EBW. Here goes, I think I married into the mob. I am almost 95% sure about it. When we go off somewhere we are usually followed by cars with really dark tint, esecially if I am by myself. I really have never felt threatened but there is always that feeling of being watched. 

Her family also never talks about the family. This may just be a coincidence but I think, Nay Nay. The same family that was originaly passed off as drunks when they did talk and they were embarrased of them, then I met them and they are close to the furthest thing from a drunk.  Her family is Italian unless they came into the family by marriage. Her grandmother lives in Sicily still today. A good note about that is how much I am fed by them. I have had some of the best cooking ever from her family. I also have never eaten enough. I get smaked in the back of the head and told to eat, even after 4 plates of food, smacked in the head told that I am too skinny and I need to eat. This part I really dont mind all too much because I really do love to eat, and it seems they love to feed me and it turns into a win win situation every time.

The reason I have these thoughts is not because of her family but because of her. She is obvously Italian. So the lineage as far as I can trace it, which is not too far as of yet, only backs up my suspicions.  I made her angry once, and I got the ass chewing of a lifetime, only in Italian. I think I got yelled at for stuff I didnt even do but as I have not learned to speak the language yet, I was only able to pick off a few words and let me tell you it was as sexy and intense as you are thinking, but that is not my point, I didnt even know she could speak fluent Italian/latin(yea she used latin also). I love her more than anything but since I married her these things have been coming about just making me really wonder what I got myself into.  She is gone for the day and comes back smelling like gunpowder and has random scars on her knuckles, again before I can ask the question why, she changes the subject. (sometimes its sex, so you can see my predicament with my crappy attention span).

She comes home with random money, she says her father gave it to her,, which could be true but it still could play into my suspicions. There have been very expensive cars to drive by my house randomly, I can never see the driver because of the tint. I am always amazed at the incredible discounts she gets at different stores. All of these could just be coincidence but again I say nay nay.

I almost always feel like someone is listening in on my phone conversations. Random clicks intermitently throughout the phone call.  My cell pone bill has random calls from California, Chicago, New York, and Italy. When I tried to call a couple of them back they were disconected. 

All of these things have realy started to come about and she wont explain anything or talk about anything. I am not worried yet because again I have never felt threatened, Only watched very closely. I just figured I would write a blog and see what all you thought about it.

Just for clarification, Everything else in our relationship is great and there are no other secrets. Other than what the family will not talk about and I dont realy ask about. I am glad to be married to her and I wouldnt change that for anything. But I just didnt know wether to fear for my life or just to not ask any questions.

You have the floor EBW.

Uploaded 12/16/2008
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