Martyr The King!

Ok check this shizzle out, call him King, President whatever you voted for him and his minions.  That means you have to deal with whatever him and the goof troop do.  You knew what the people that you put in office were like when you put them there.  They make decisions in your stead.  I am pretty sure John Boehner,

starts every meeting like "check this shit out". 

"Good one Jonny boy!", Obama says laughing.

But guess what we have to deal with it.  I am a big believer that voting is a privilege more than a right.  I think if you spell your child's name wrong on a birth certificate than you should not be aloud to make important discussions for people that know how to read and write, i.e. my sister.  If you use this website than you shouldn't vote because the populous of this websites I.Q. is somewhere between,

Forrest Gump   


Mike Tyson

If you put that person in office, stop the bitching it will not change anything, just research the next candidates. Don't put a person in for how much charisma they have and how they answer a question with three other questions to confuse you.  That is what they want, dumb fucking fucks to vote so they can do what ever the hell they want.  I am tired of watching the news to only find the people of blah blah blah are upset with the Presidents decision on blah fucking blah, and then turning around with your bumper sticker own your pansy ass Prius with a shit eating grin on your face.  Don't think for a minute that they care about you.  How many all expense vacations did you go on this year? How many vacations did Ol Abe go on when the nation was in a crisis?, none he pulled everyone in and was like "what the fucking fuck?".  Nothing like being treated like a Serf, "back to your turnips", Petter Griffen.

Go fuck yourselves San Diego. 

Uploaded 01/03/2013
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