Mashed Potatoe's

This is somethign that has been driving me insane since i was little, My mother makes alot of food homemade and i mean ALOT and its really incredibly good, But shes has this weird habit of season coding the food. I love mashed potatoe's they are like an orgasm in my mouth, but she wont make then unless its fall or winter because "their not a summer meal" she also wont make pumpkin pie or lazagnia or maceroni and cheese....its driving me crazy cause i have to go like 6 months without this stuff, and she refuses to make then in spring and summer. Although I'm very good at baking cookies and stuff of that nature I cannot cook, I brun everything and it just tastes horrible, so I can really make the stuff myself because well Id probally end up blowing my kitchen up. and nobody wants that, So I am determined to learn how to cook so that I can be a skinny fatty and eat all the time, for those of you that dont know me Im extremely skinnyn but can eat like a morbidly obese man ( and I wonder sometimes why at times I dont have a boyfriend...hmmm) So if any of you can cook and arent a rapist, Im going to kidnap you and make you make me food...and if your good I'll keep you haha
Uploaded 09/21/2008
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