Maturnal instinct is dying

So,  Ive been on a few dates with some young ladies that have kids  "single milfs...i mean moms" 

And ive come to find out that my generation has absolutely NO PARENTING SKILLS AT ALL.  |

I mean what the hell are you thinking bringing you child around on a first second or even third date???    A bit soon to be introducing a man into your babies life dont ya think?

To being new people in and out of a kids life isnt exactly the best parenting move ever.   and at the same time whos to say im not some rapist, or murderer?   wtf are you thinking?

Its sad when i as a single father make a better parent as a single mother.......      i mean WTF is wrong with these little skanks? 

    YOU HAVE A KID NOW!!  life isnt about meeting guys, or partying, or having fun anymore its about raising that fucking kid to be a good human and raising him/her right.... and YOU ARE FAILING HARD AT IT!!!! BAD

I dont want to live on this planet any more.
Uploaded 08/08/2012
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