Head foaming at the maw swinging back and backward splattering in buckets.

When I think like"normal people" the putrid inhibition starts oozing from every pulsing membrane of my being.

After that recovery I will be stabbing flesh into a hole infested, bone splinter littered cesspool.
I will open my mouth and spit out a montage that will start and stop and uncertain positions.

Don't open to your mind to the cliche that you think subconsciously or you're brain will begin an
unstoppable necrosis.

I know the shrill voices call you to close in your ribs with steel so they
won't be eaten by evil goat faced guys in poop covered capes.

I will be in the corner thinking about sublime overdoses and subliminal verses spat down on an inspirational slit snake belly, inadvertently cut open by sliding through barbed wire.

Blue hued and unglued by binding eating liquid.

I think squid veins are a description I will chose for this next line and a subject I hope you
don't mind to be included in this session of skin cutting...

The squid grabbed me all the way from back there, damn it I forgot to remember the paradox of thought in the abstract version of the last line I guess I'll go out with a predicable mono log and explain to you in a extremely roundabout way the way I feel in life and try to subconsciously dictate the inner angle.

Puff up my cheeks and pop the zit, the air will escape through the puckered hole along with the "white" pus and puke coming from the place where little universes eat food and kill aliens with gooey knifes and plastic fire fighter hats that have five types of leftover slime all over their brims and purple lumps wearing them in jubilation.

No I'm not influenced by the cutting off of my blood stream with a noose.

I just feel like a massive idiot when I hear myself gaff which happens a lot
when I'm not in my mind.

Words turned sideways in a cool looking fake out way to lose a kind
type of shaft in sync with the rest of the bears with red teeth smiling at a tea parties waving their
arms at you frantically.

But I digress all I have said here but I just didn't so I will fall from this
dripping keyboard and into the glorious floating abyss of happiness until the rise.
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