McCain and Palin Must Be Silenced!

How dare the GOP draw attention to ACORN's fraudulent voter registration. Obama has used his campaign lawyers to try to get the Department of Justice to launch an investigation against McCain-Palin and their campaign surrogates.

Bob Bauer, General Counsel for Obama for America wrote a letter to Attorney General Mukasy complaining that members of the GOP are "fomenting specious vote fraud allegations, and there are distorting indications of official involvement or collusion." He also accuses McCain et al of engaging in "politically-motivated efforts to influence the Department's investigative and prosecutorial efforts." Wait, did he say politically motivated? You mean, ACORN isn't politically motivated?

This shouldn't surprise anyone who remembers that Obama petitioned DOJ to shut down an organization that created ads about William Ayers. I guess everything is fair game until it shines an unflattering light on Obama. This applies to more than just his association with Ayers. He has many unanswered questions about his past and present associations that he refuses to answer or that he plays off as insignificant. "Let's focus on the economy, not insignificant things like my associates," he would say.

Is this the type of future we can expect from an Obama presidency? Shut down all dissenters to keep the truth hidden. Reminds me of the Clinton years. I could make some other historical comparisons but I'll leave that to the reader.

All nine Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote a letter to Chairman Leahy (Democrat) demanding investigation of ACORN for "widespread, systematic voter registration fraud." Let's see how far that goes. Know who else is on that committee? Joe Biden. Yep, wonder how that will go.

I can't believe political correctness has brought us to a point where we turn a blind eye to things like this, whether it be through fear or apathy.

You know if McCain were involved with ACORN, even through just party association, this would be an outrage and front page news every day. Fact is, Obama IS involved. He used to work for ACORN and has given them over $800,000. They openly endorse his campaign and have done so for quite some time. Think about that.

Uploaded 10/21/2008
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