Me Vs Blue*blues gonna delete his account!!!*UPDATE

Ok You all know of whom i speak. But what you do now know is that me and blue are actualy the parents of this blog section. Me being the snotty father with a bad sence of humor and a fascination with dead things, also I guess i am the father because im not a woman. Blue is the mother of the blog section. Because he may be a woman. I have seen women with facial hair....And im guessing blue has dated most of them...

Ok here go my insults.

You is dum.

You kant even insult me. I pootz my picta up!!!No komnents on it yeet!!

I is unable to bees Insulted .Unless you consider a cash gift insulting.

I loves pretzels at the mall.Wit cheese omgzz!!!

Oh yea I win

 Lastly Blue in my last blog stated he would bet his account i wouldnt have the balls to post my picture here on EBW. Well I did a long time ago its one of my last submissions. Guess what we will now see if blue has the Nugs to delete his account. My picture in my submissions is titles Me and my pook. If that doesnt scream here is a picture of me and my pook then clearly i miss titled it. But i did not .You can all see for yourselves.Blue has made a gamble... And lost !! I win....... I WINNNNNN HAhahahaah Gargle hahaha

Consider this spouse abuse   


If you watch deathnote you will notice that clearly i am L.Bluenote is Kira. I have bested Kira...Take that Gay fan fics!!!!!

Uploaded 12/27/2008
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