Melgibson thinks we're on an episode of The Hills.

Morning ladies, we all feeling saucy?  So as most of you know, I have this ongoing feud with Username: Melgibson.  Now by feud, I mean that I shit on this douche every chance I get, make a point of calling him out on every little stupid statement or dumb comment he makes, and then he retorts and sounds like a 4 year old with down syndrome.  What can I say, I have entirely too much time on my hands at work, and he's about as well spoken as the assistant coach from water boy.  We liva pay anada day.  There-to-for not withstanding visa vie, I would like to post my latest installment of the "Melgibson Saga"  AKA  "Melgibson's: Things that fit up my ass".

Ok so this cooter stain sends me a message over ebaums, and I'm gonna put it up on here so all of you can read it.

"Whats happening bud?
hey your last blog about me, Awsome dude! It shows how one person can be really hated. I know you think i'm a douche and are going to go after me every chance you get, I just wanted to tell you it is funny and amusing to me.

please keep it up, i am going to retort to your blog of course.

lets keep this feud going in blogs and such but can remain friends behind closed doors, kinda like Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler did?"

What the fuck.  Really dude?  What do you think this is?  You were definately that guy in highschool who would get made fun of really bad by someone, then turn around to all your nerd virgin friends and be like "haha, yea me and him are buds, he's just messing with me, we hung out this weekend, scored some chiiiiiiiiiiicks.  It was super sweet man you should have been there."

The reason i titled this blog ascertaining to the show "The Hills", which despite all my best efforts to get off the air/impregnate the cast, is because of the novel concept of "frien-emies" which was coined on said show.  This term basically means two girls pretend to be magnificent cunts to one another on air, but off air they totally get down, and I mean that in the most lesbian way possible as to satisfy my desire to see some of those girls in the raw.  You see, my g/f watches this show incessintly (probably spelled that wrong but I'll be damned if I'm using for an ebaums blog) and I've seen some new and novel concepts from these little sluts.  Anyway, they'll do these terrible things to each other like wedgies, and melvins, and bang each others boyfriends, or key their Bentley, or blow their dad, all kinds of crazy stuff.  Either way, my point is, its a concept this cock suck proposed to me, and now I'm going to throw it in his face, cause thats what I do.

Well mel, I have bad news for you, and it's gonna be worse then when the doctor told you that bubba your cell mate gave you AIDS.  I don't want to be your friend, your, "frienemy", I definately would never want to hang out with you in real life (thank god for the intranet WE OWE YOU ONE GORE!)  and I'm pretty sure that i'm going to hit retirement before you see your first non-paid for vagina.  I pose the question one more time, and Vow to pose it every time I blog or anything about you from now on.  How many dicks have you sucked in the last 3 days? You're miserable, I'm gonna go get some coffee now and think about how much better my life is then yours.  Fuck it, I'm gonna think about how much better my DOGS life is then yours.


You're a total douche.  And you spelled awesome wrong.  Take it deep.


Until next time......tool........

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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