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Well tomorrow is Memorial Day, and as most think of it as a day off..... I think of it as a day of how many friends I lost, and drink my ass of like many others, but for the reason not to party and celebrate but to mourn and question myself .......... what could I've done better to help train and get my Marines ready for the sand box. I use this day to go over old photo's of former units I was with and with that keep drinking, only thinking  the question of how and what......... Many of you wouldn't understand and I hope you never do. It's a pain........ I look up above my computer and I have 2 group photo of my team 5 of us in it "USMC 3rd light armored Reconnaissance," and I realize 2 of them are gone. So I drink and keep drinking only to get the shit out of my head. Allot say this is Bushes fault on Why were over there, and to the conspiracy theorist out there I say one thing, I hope you meet me in a bar, I hope you can say that straight to my face, And one thing will remain..... I will look you square in the eye like any other Marine and smile at you and tell you you're welcome' and if you girlfriends around I'll steal her away that night because nobody likes whiney pussies for men. I think of today as it should be. Remembering those who gave it up for those to have the freedom to talk shit. And to those on here who challenge the fact I'm a Marine or are and want to talk shit PM me and I'll send you my global and chances are you will back me up because of my rank.

I hope that most of you are doing the same as I am without the nawing feeling inside.

Today just hit hard..............I went to Arlington national cemetery today in DC among the BS traffic from the Rolling thunder biker rally at the Pentagon and went to lot 60. That is where they are burring the OIF/OEF military service men. Now I know .........What it feels like to see and feel pain. There are so many damn headstones. Families crying at them and laying flowers to their sons and daughters And one question that keeps popping up in my head, WTF, how'd I get so lucky? To all those who gave up all. And those that I lost who were bro's thank you and I drink this beer to you and I tip 13 for those who arn't here.


Semper Fi,

I'll see you again


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