Men do not like breasts.

I've been posting now for a while, and I have to admit that I have a bit of a thing for women of color, so I figured I would post some naked or at least partly nude pics of women on eBaums for others to enjoy. I was posting pics of something I like - large (natural) breasted women of color. But soon after I started posting I noticed that I was getting complaints about them like “that bitch is nasty” and “Thats disgusting.”

But this wasn't just on my posts. I found out that many people had similar responses on their posts. Were people going to the mature pictures site just to make negative comments about women? What was going on here?

Now, these girls were not fat or ugly. Most of them are pro models for some of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry. At the very least they were average women like you would see every day. So I had to ask myself: “What the hell?” So I posted a short blog that asked: “Do straight men like tits?” The answers I got were:

No we don't like tits...WE LOVE THEM!
All boobies are good boobies!
I like em round and soft.
I love breasts. REAL ONES! nothing like a nice round nipple to suck on.
who doesn't like boobs. I love them. I'm very picky though. I only like real ones.
i love breasticals! only real ones though, the fake ones are hard and nasty.

The last 3 responders were lucky because I had posted nothing but real breasts. But I wanted to be sure I got a good response so I put a poll about it on AdultSpace; the poll gave me the following answers:

Do straight (and bisexual) men like breasts?
83.33% answered “Yes!”           
11.11% said “Most of the time.”   
5.56% said “Only a little bit.”       
And NOBODY answered “No!”       

Negative comments outnumbered positive ones by a ratio of just about 3:2. Assuming that men liked beasts, this data was really skewed, stewed and screwed. So what I have to ask is why all the negativity?

I can't figure it out. If men are supposed to like boobs (I sure know I do!) then why is it that men can be so demeaning towards women like that? And I mean, really demeaning. Here's some possibilities I thought of, and I'd like to know if anyone thinks it could be any of these or something else.

1) Are most men secretly gay? Do they prefer other men so much (spending time around their buddies instead of their girlfriends or wife) that they are permanently in the closet?
2) Do people that leave negative comments like this just want the attention? Someone to say “Dude, what's wrong with you?”
3) Are men so intimidated by women that they feel they must belittle them? Deliberately targeting someone's body or face as a means of insult is a method of psychological intimidation, as shown in numerous sociological studies.
4) Have men been socialized by groups like fraternities and the military to behave this way dogmatically toward women? Is is not intended to hurt or belittle, but a knee-jerk reaction?
5) As the pictures I posted were of Black or Asian women, the people commenting were racist, but because of social pressure they “hide” their racism behind more neutral negative comments.
6) Is it that men are so upset by “natural” forms that unless a woman is highly artificial (lots of make-up, breast implants, collagen and botox injections) she is unappealing?
7) Has the widespread use of one kind of model/actress made men unable to accept the wider variety of body types that women naturally possess? Are women expected to conform to a model so that they may be “beautiful”?

Anyway, here's a list of the comments. I really don't feel like posting them (they disgust me) but  want to be objective. And just a personal note here, referring to a woman as an “it” (see the *) is truly wrong.

who would like that
Butt ugly FAT cow.
her fish nets are acting like cheese graters
thick is an understatement
i'd fuck it*
...freak and not the good kind like the girl you meet right before you leave the bar
Boo !
that bitch is nasty
Her eyes bore into your soul.
Keep posting pictures of your butt ugly skanks.
She's hot. She just needs braces.
pan face
Thats disgusting. Like watching a walrus smile.
fat bitch
fat asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
toooooooo big
very ugly
nice knees i wonder how they got so fucked up?
Guess as long as I was eating you, I wouldn't have to look at you!

One last note. I know that in the positive comments a lot of people used the word "hot" to describe women. But it's not a positive thing to say. Saying a woman is "hot" is akin to comparing her to a "bitch in heat" other words, you're not saying she's attractive. You're saying that she's a dog who is itching to have sex.

For the people who do like women and their breasts...I salute you. The female form is something that has a lot of variety to it, and appreciating all of that variety is a great thing. And as far as the people that seem to feel that any woman that you can's see her ribs is fat? The people that refer to women as "bitch" or "it"? I guess it's obvious how you really feel about women.

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