mentally exhaused

i have been doing a lot of math here recently. college math. online courses in algebraic equasions and all sorts of other fucking math shit that i dont like. this plus this.....this SHIT about health care and the inability of anyone to pull their head out of their ass for about 5 fucking seconds is tiresome. maniacs screaming about death panels, what is the value of x, democrats dragging their feet, republicans stomping theirs in a tantrum, if you left Detroit on a train at 9:45 am traveling away from that third world city at how long would it take you to get to Washington D.C to assassinate the senator from South Carolina keeping in mind you will be stopping for x amount of breaks, FUCK, and i'm watching the history channel all at the same time.

Inglorious Basterds is comming out soon and i cant wait to see that......Killin' that makes me laugh. did y'all know Brad Pitt is an athiest? learned that the other night after watchin him on Real Time. smart guy, smarter than i thought he would be at least. and before i get shit on by ihavenolife or rollo for watching Bill Maher, i dont agree with everything he says and he seems too liberal at times for me. yet he is definately no Glen Beck or Hannity, thats for damn sure.


when did we all become so boring as to debate legislation all the time on here?? ebaums is now the home for politicos wishing to blog about their distain with the current, past, and future administrations? i admit, i have spurned on some ignorant debates here (euthanasia and it's benefits, why rape is good, ect.), but now it seems to be all we talk about. have we all become this lame? or all of us this worried? so worried that we shun or obvious tendancies towards debauchery and outrageousness that we then turn our energy to becoming rational, thoughtful beings that debate in somewhat civilized tones on the current days events?


i am lumping myself in here too, people, so dont go telling i'm the pot callin the kettle black cuz i know i am. we all bitch about the good ol' days and how they will never come back. well, i have actually seen many people here from them old days around here and feel that those days are here again.

rambling blog continues to ramble........wouldnt it be crazy if ancient aliens visited the earth? that our civilization was seeded by an alien race that has been watching.....waiting for that time when they were needed again. kind of like a scientist with bacteria in a petrie dish, watching them through a microscope flourish and reproduce until they are at the point of overflowing the dish.

i have a blackjack 2 phone and i like it's abilities, but it fails to deliver on the multimedia side. i can download movies, but they play very choppy and are very shitty looking on the screen. i kinda want an iphone, but i dont want to loose my qwerty keyboard. the touch screen keyboard is shitty at best. this is just one of the things that keeps rolling around in my brain.

sundays............i got homework to do. fuck. i wanna see a spaceship. i love summer! i love the heat here in texas. i would love for it to be hot all the time. in the high 90's or hundreds everyday. at the rate we are going i might only have to wait 10 to 15 years and i will get what i want.

thats it. im finished. if you got this far you probably need a hobby.

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