Merry Effing HO HO to ME!

Seems our Ontario Provinces finances are so bad, caused by the Green energy plan, Union pandering, E-Health scandal and corruption, only a crazed liberal mind could achieve, that my taxes went up an astonishing ten percent without my income going up. And what will I get for it? Nothing, nada, zilch.

Somehow the self destructive Liberal government here in Ontario snuck through a bill that will force me to pay ten percent of my earnings to the Workman Safety and Compensation Board, which is so messed up, due to the entitlement culture and inefficiencies of government, that I might as well burn the money in a pit.

Look you bunch of assholes, I've got my own insurance, that is heads and tails above your unfunded crap, because self employed people actually want to work for a living and not suck off the tit of society. We keep our rates low and coverage high through hard work and not being lazy blood suckers.

But hey, I'm lucky, the owners of roofing companies will have to pay 14.4% of their income to WSIB, even if they never set a foot on a roof, just managing it gets you a fucked up plan. 

Already I have to tax customers 13% for HST with no leverage to collect it. Now you want me to tack on another 10%, that's 23% for what? To get us further in debt, drive business underground and make criminals of everyone in construction. Make us your tax collectors, because you fucked up with your ridiculous liberal ideologies. Well screw you Mr. G-man, suck my right testicle.

Uploaded 12/27/2012
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