Message from the King

Just feel like airing out my thoughts on whats going on between my bitch, Wallboy and what seems to be just a bitch, tyeda or whatever the fuck her name is.

The thing that cracks me up about tyadda- Fuck this. Im not typing a blog and saying such a stupid fucking name. Your new name is Cunt. So getting back to the things, what pisses me off about Cunt is that avatar. You try to strike fear into wallbitch with you "Wallboy.. I want War" blog and to the left of it is this avatar that looks like a cross dressing homosexual 12 year old boy. Like Cunt, change that scary fucking thing. It looks like a young goddess bunny. (If you never saw the goddess bunny video, consider yourself lucky)

And Cunt why are you such a bitch for no obvious reason? I was looking at the comments on one of your blogs and HitandRun says "hey that was really funny, i touched myself to that joke" or something along those lines but he was basically saying hey cunt, you made me laugh. And your response, instead of a thanks buddy or not saying anything and appreciating that someone actually found something you did funny, was making a gay comment about him. Like why Cunt? Why are you so angry? My advice to you, go fuck yourself. Literally though. I doubt you can get a man to fuck you so go invest in a vibrator or horse and get fucked. I think then and only then will you chill out.

And to walltesticles, what can i say that i havent said before? Nothing. Your still the same douchbag i hate. Your a child molester and a liberaly foreskin face. Hey, liberal forskin face is something new. But seriously, you such at living.

Neither of you should reply, wallfuckface i know your scared and wont but cunt, im not sure about you, you might make some sort of come back.

Uploaded 10/15/2009
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