messed up things people do for money

In perusing different news sites in the morning every now and then I come across some messed up stuff, Most of it is the usual mundane murders and not worth sharing.  This article however is.  Read it and make a decision on it for yourself.



Family members of Eloise Wentz, whose body was found this week in a freezer at her deceased son’s Monkey Junction home, believe she died almost five months ago.



Earl Wentz on Friday afternoon said investigators found a journal at the house of his brother, Alexander Wentz. An entry for March 21 included a time with the letters “TOD” next to it.

“We believe that stands for ‘time of death,’ ” said Earl Wentz, who with his sister, Sharon, was helping move items out of their mother’s old home at 109 Kingston Road, just off Greenville Loop Road.

Eloise Wentz, 80, was found by New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies Wednesday evening in a locked chest freezer, partially hidden by furniture, in a back bedroom of the home at 206 Antoinette Drive.

Alexander Wentz, 54, was found dead in the home’s living room Monday.

He is believed to have been dead for at least a week, and investigators said foul play isn’t suspected in his death.

Friday the sheriff’s office reported that preliminary results of an autopsy on Eloise Wentz’s body also appeared to rule out foul play as a cause of her death.

Investigators began searching for Eloise Wentz following her son's death. That search eventually led deputies to the freezer.

Earl Wentz, a pastor with Cornerstone Ministries in Shallotte, said he believes his brother kept their mother’s body in the house so her monthly payments from Social Security would continue.

He said investigators told him Alexander Wentz used checks pre-signed by his mother to access the money, which was direct-deposited into her bank account. But the checks ran out in July.

Sheriff’s 1st Sgt. Timothy Fuss on Friday afternoon declined to comment on details provided by the family, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

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