Microsoftindian operatorsyou screwed over.

3 weeks ago my year of xboxlive came to an end and i had to pay 50 bucks again. I had my credit card info on thier so it should of auto matically paid right? Wrong it turns out that my account had been susspended because someone had changed the info. so i said mkay and i tried to fix the problem. i hit yes and went to the memberships menu....for 8 seconds then it automatically brought me back to the dashboard. i said wtf but figured that i must of hit the b button. I clicked on my profile and clicked memberships and a message popped up saying that i could not accses my memberships unless i was signed into xboxlive. i said shit balls and wondered how you could renew your membership if u cant even get to it. after fiddling for awhile i figured out that the only way to get thier was to log out then log in to make the cannot sign in to xbl message come up id click that it would take me to memberships and bring me right back to the dashbaord moments later. now for the good part. i called microsoft and talked to the machine guy mike or whatever. it could not figure out what i needed so it put me on hold until i talked to a human. "herow what is your probrem?" i told her what happened 3 times and each time she said "so sorry could you repeat?" i even switched the phone twice. she then said " one moment prease." so i waited and waited and waited. turns out i wasn't on hold she hung up. so now i am incredibally pissed of at the microbitch company and turns out i have a lung disease called bronchitis. that is of course totally irelivant but i feel that in a way its thier fault. if this has happened to any of u please post a response saying so.

p.s. if you know how to help feel free.

Uploaded 05/07/2008
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