Miracles and God's Plan

There are no miracles today that cannot be attributed to random chance or nature. Just because someone you prayed for to get well again gets better doesnt mean God cured them. Muslims, Jews, Atheists, and Christians all recover from life threatening disease. A real miracle involves something that is physically or scientifically impossible. Jesus curing the blind man with spit and dirt, if this really happened, would be a miracle. Praying for someones cancer to disappear and it disappearing is not a miracle. Cancer disappears in people of all beliefs. Someone praying for a chopped of finger to grow back and it happening would be a miracle; how many times has that ever happened?

Now Ive known many Christians and know some now who have cancer. Of course they all pray to be cured and I know of one that has been (I say by chance), and the rest are still living with it or have died. Ive heard some of these people and their family say things like God has a plan for my life. If a god does exist and he answers prayers based on his plan does that mean we have no free will?  Are all our lives  just playing out with no say from us? If there is a god he cannot possibly have a plan. He may have a will, but it would be up to us to carry that out.

Uploaded 04/17/2012
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