Misconceptions about the Gasoline Engine.

This is something you probably won't believe. Many will say I'm just some conspiracy theorist or full of shit. However, my conclusions are tried tested and true. My studies are peer reviewed and undeniable. I have used only the finest of scientific data and techniques to conclude  some startling facts about the modern gasoline engine.

Instead of stringing you along like so many other revelations do to the very end, where they request a donation and your Visa card, I will just blurt out my absolutely, irrefutable findings right here, from the start. But, before I do let me ask you something. Does putting petrol into your car cost you a lot of money? Do you fantasize about all the money you could save if you didn't have to purchase it?

I know I do and I would bet you do too. With gas prices around five dollars a gallon here in Canada I estimate, I spend about $2500.00 a year on gasoline. Could you find a better way to spend all that money on something you and your family  would enjoy, other than car emissions?  I bet you could!

So what is this amazing discovery I have made about the modern gasoline engine, you ask.  Well, hold on there cowperson. I can't just announce my incredible discovery that would completely upset the apple cart and put my life in danger. Ask yourself, what is this completely scientifically proven, irrefutable discovery worth to me? Would you be willing to pay twenty dollars, a hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars for something that guarantees you about $2500.00 in savings every year for the rest of your life. And with rising gas prices, just imagine the savings.

Not only do I reveal this astonishing money saving revelation, but I include other never before released information that you as a tax paying citizen can present to your local authorities to invoke change that is so necessary in these overwhelming times.

In order to preserve my life and those of my family and peers, I will need to raise ten million dollars to ensure our safety in these dangerous times. All donations will be appreciated and those who have given will receive along with my thanks, the secret of the modern gasoline engine, where you will realize immediate savings.

Once the paltry sum of ten million dollars has been reached and secured, I will post the most incredible story about the modern gasoline engine that will save you thousands of dollars throughout your entire life span. I'm excited and I know you are too.

Uploaded 05/21/2011
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