Modern art

From time to time I observe the interesting take that some people have on art, sometimes I see incredible talent on display. Then, there's modern art... Mind you, I don't mean works of talent that actually require a degree of focus and skill, I'm talking about the Pollock-esqe modern art. Splatters, splashes, streaks, and smudges... WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER CALL THIS ART!

There's a little saying that I picked up from Type O Negative, (the band) "Never mistake lack of talent for genious." never has such a statement rang so true, I have seen people who can draw images that look as though they may begin to stand and walk off. I've seen sculptures and statues that are undeniably amazing. I see these same works ignored for the likes of some travesty on canvas. Something that resembles an uninvited stain on a pair of underpants. People have often said that the greatest thing about art is that there is no status quo, but I believe that this will ultimately be REAL art's demise.

There are famous paintings that are nothing more than a single color covering an entire canvas, there are some that are nothing more than lines, stacks of clay or metal thrown together haphazardly, and let us not forget the greatest hack that ever lived, Jackson Pollock. These people are not artests of the paint and brush, or the stone and chisle, they are SCAM artists. Fooling people into believing that there is something in the nothingness they have created. That there is emotion in the mess they have made. The only feeling one should get when looking upon these abominations is the feeling of disgust that someone who has less talent than a child somehow managed to make a ghastly amount of money by ruining a canvas.

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