Modern Day Pirates

Pirating isn't abolished
digital galleons roam electrical seas
distributing software and films
without charge, or fees

instead of doubloons,
diff'rent kind of plunder
circumventing copyrights,
and rending money asunder,

if art was food,
the shipmates still hunger
no free rations
and it makes me wonder

enforcing artwork
with laws and with guns
battling the poor
in a battle that can't be won

throughout the storm
they guided their ships
risking packet capture
while making those trips

the pirate bay,
was a hackers cove
making moves
and together they strove
through torrents of data,
instead of torrents of water
they fought through the waves
while the pressure grew hotter

lawyers are not artists
and judges do not create
the laws that they author
will drown us in their wake

the pirates were seized,
their vessel capsized
but something tells me
their mission survives

still swabbing the decks
and doing their duty
stocking the chests
and distributing booty

booty, as in riches
not the kind that you think
although porno persists
software's the real kink

no shortage of data
acting peer-to-peer
rising in size
and increasing their fear

the studios and companies
are wringing their hands
trying to stop
what they don't understand

people have no funds,
but they still strive for art
even if that means taking
their prior notions apart

paradigm exists:
one pays for a story
even if it turns out
the plot was oh so boring

all that is needed
is an internet connection
to view what's available
and make their selection

the profits are down,
for the movie big-wigs
time to rethink
who the financier is,

advertising could likely
remedy a solution
paying for the views
and making a substitution

if they posted it for free,
just made us watch the ads
we all would be happy
even tax men would be glad

but until that day comes,
purchasing's still required
and the pirates continue to raid
to get the art out the masses desired

Uploaded 12/29/2012
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