I think the world would be a much better off place without money.
Money shouldn't be so necessary, so needed,
it's a sick thing, money.
People kill for it, rob others for it, go to war for it, Suck the earth dry for it.
Money can buy you a big house, a nice car, a boat, cloths, sure,
but it's all stained with someones blood (not literally ofcourse... well some of it probably is).
If you have no money, you don't get to live a proper life, you don't get to eat, have cloths to wear,
a roof over your head, go to school, or even keep yourself healthy for crying out loud.
the modern world has constructed itself around the allmighty dollar sign.

The world could run much more effeciantly without money, without the need for it.
you would think that if there is no money, then people wouldn't work, and nothing would ever get done right?
Well not quite.

If everyone still worked, but for the barter system but on a larger scale, say;
Crop growers still grow thier crops in order to feed people,
Clothing manufacturers still make cloths for everyone to wear,
Teachers still educate kids about the world in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, and in return,
everyone else does thier part, a Utopia, where everything is free, but you still do your job,
so everyone else does theirs. There would be no need for money.
People think they would be much less happy without money,
without the means to buy all of thier "necessities", but they would be better off without it.

But money isn't the only problem in this equation, there's also the large factor of greed,
people who don't have money want it, people who have it want more, and more.
I'm not going to lie, I love having money, because it's there, and it is, quite un-fortunatly necessary,
and that's the way it's going to stay, because of?... you guessed it, greed.
The feeling of knowing you are worth more than others because of the thickness of your wallet,
rich men and women are the ones who make the world a worse place, not the poor.
rich men and women are the ones who control the world, and in most cases, the people who inhabit it.
Why should someone with alot of wealth be worth more than someone with no money at all?
Why is it the poor are killed off everyday, starving, murdered, perhaps killed over the land that they may live on and no one cares?
Why is it we reap the earth for oil, trees, animals, diamond, and all other things we consider precious, or once again, necessary to our survival?
Why is it people value money over life, true beauty, all other animals, and the Earth itself?
This may sound cheesy but money really is the root of all evil.

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