Morality Religion and Anti Theism

Religion creates, defines and enforces morality.  Anti theism,  not  atheism it's more reasonable version,  destroys morality and cultural cohesion.  There are more variables such as culture and environment that creates as well as destroys morality.  Atheism can create it's own set of  morals that can be reasonably  considered just as good as anyone else's. For this blog I just want to consider religion and anti theism as it relates to morals.

Morality is a collection of beliefs and behaviors that are defined by a group of people as being the right thing to do. To act in a way that goes against that set of rules within that group is amoral.  This same amoral act could be considered moral within  a different group.  For example, Western Christianity  would say honor killings are amoral, while Eastern Islam would say honor killing is their duty. 

We are all aware of the statement, "Don't try to impose your  morality onto me."  Or, " What gives you the right to tell me what is moral?" Both reasonable statements, but what they are really saying is, "I am from a different set or subset of people and therefore your morality doesn't apply to me." Of course, in this scenario in order to have a descent society there has to be some commonly held morality between the two parties, such as private property or no sacrificing babies to mystical Gods.

Anti theism attacks the morals of religious persons by ridicule of  their belief in God. Religious duties, sacraments, prayer attendance to churches, synagogues, temples and religious observances are all subjected to ridicule as though they are ignorant,stupid and superstitious.
Anti theism does not say, "You cannot  place your morals onto me." But more like, " You are an idiot because of your morals." Not a reasonable statement and not one that incites cooperation within a society.

Of course, one extremist religious group could act like the anti theist against another religious group. This too, can and does destroy cultural cohesion but it does not  destroy morality, sometimes even causing a fervor for the sanctity of the moral.  Besides the underlying reasons for one religion attacking another usually has little to do with religious beliefs but rather territory, political or military control. 

In conclusion, the anti theist is a destructive force against morality no matter what society they live in. To behave in ways that attack rather than accept or at most ignore other persons moral character in our free society is by most people's respect for themselves and others, probably the least moral act there is.

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