More disturbing things I want to see before I die # 2

1 Hillary clinton coming ot of the closet and then a sex video of her and janet reno surfacing on the web with hillary and janet reno in bondage dom cloathing taking turns sodomizing bill clinton with a strap on then finishing up with a steamy girl on girl scene. This shit would be grosser than 2 girls 1 cup

2 a new ipod cover or ipod knock off in the shape of a turd called ipoop

3 President bush 2 making a documentry about his time among the gorillas like that movie with sigourney weever or instict with anthony hopkins only with a texas accent "Hay (squints and smiles)  gorillas I know how hard it is to put food on your family" 

4 Chris crocker arrested for leading a murderous cult of transvestites across hollywood.

5 somone throwing watermellon and other racist stereotypical foods at Obama at a conferance or public rally. Imagine people pelting him with watermelons, fried chicken, grape soda, koolaid packets, grits, cornbread, sweet beans, barbecue, hot cheetoes.

6 Rosie odonald sitting on ellen degeneris or however the fuck you spell its face. Imagine Ellen just sitting thee talking about her usual boring crap and bam rosie jumps on stage with no pants and starts face fucking ellen inevitabley killing her and when shes done she takes a bite out of ellen and says taste just like chicken!

7 Mickey mose and donald duck kill goofey and sacrifice his remains to their god cthulhu.


Uploaded 03/20/2010
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