more of the same?

the word i found to best describe how i went through 2009 is underwhelmed. its not that there weren't some incredible moments. my mood was simply in the ditch. so i start this year where 2009 left off. getting called in to work on my first 2 scheduled days off.  maybe making some new goals will get things going.

2010 resolutions

to only use cap letters on proper names in order to counter Thads 'every word capped' philosophy. i think this will bring balance to the EBW comments.

to track down Mike Barrington - enjoy a Sam Adams or two at the strip club while discussing my 401k options.

to thumb down any comment by  Onihime942. you basically don't add anything to this site but negative comments so ya...

to get at least one person here to write shit about me and make me feel even worse about myself than i already do. doesn't have to be truthful - just be creative.

to write at least 1 blog that compels one person to say 'shit dude this should get featured!' (and i already know this blog isn't it)

to read a SJG blog and not be inclined to write a lame comment like 'things will get better' or 'chin up buck-a-roo'

to read anything written by rednote, bo, sjg, squaw, adraline, biser, bos, dirtysanchez, webb, usagichan, dr.g, cbear,esd, milestyles, mrturtle (wherever you are), hunterdad, killerisme, hitandrun, gnome, platy, sheza, ugdork, sparks, yeehaw, thenaxx, thad, tomlet, the big bad, the bloginator, rollo, dread and yes even wallboy. there is some serious talent in this room.

- adios -

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