More on 9-11

A lot of people on EBW don't believe 9-11 was an inside job, which is absolutely fine, to each his or her own. I have a few points I'd like to make, and then we can enjoy a debate afterward, in which I will respond to your rebuttals, rebukes, or new points.

- The World Trade Center was built to withstand 7 Jumbo Jet liners slamming into it without collapsing. Why did they fall after getting hit with one each? Some blame this on shoddy materials used to build the towers, but experiments show that steel cannot be melted by burning jet fuel.

-Why did Tower 7 fall in the same demolition style that the two larger towers did? Some say it was damage from the other two towers, but if that was the case why did it fall demolition style? I've heard things about how that was supposed to be a scheduled demolition, but who in their right mind continue a demolition in the middle of the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor?

-How was CNN able to report the collapse of the towers BEFORE it happened? It isn't anything to do with time differences. I saw and heard this with my own ears. Just to let you know, I was in Germany on a military base at the time and it was a little after 3 in the afternoon there when it happened.

- Some of you will call this far-fetched, but Opium exports were at an all time low in Afghanistan in 2001. By 2002, after the US established a presence there, Opium is being exported from Afghanistan at an all time high. Coincidence? Maybe, but it is a very interesting one.

- It only takes up to 5 minutes to scramble a jet fighter. Why was NORAD ordered to stand down during a time of attack? 

- United Flight 93 was rumored to have landed in Ohio that same day.

- There is photographic evidence that shows extra pieces on the planes that struck the towers. What the hell were those? 

- The man who allegedly flew the plane into the Pentagon was a terrible flier according to his flight instructor. His instructor said he never would have been able to pull off the maneuver that would have allowed him to crash into the pentagon as he did. This is on top of the fact that the dimensions of the hole in the Pentagon are totally inconsistent with the dimensions of a jet liner.

That should be enough for now. Go!

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