Morning Rant

Why do people come up to you with their problems or asking for advice, and then when you offer a solution, simple as it may be, they just say "No".....

So I get into work this morning, still erect from my joy of daylight savings, when a coworker comes in.  He's like an energy vampire.  Second you hear him, the good energy just leaves.  We got some new neighbors and they listen to their music really loud.  He bitches about it every day.  I offer him the most simple and obvious solution to the problem, "Why don't you go over there and ask them to turn it down?"  His response...."No."  Then he tells me how they know it is too loud.  His solution is to blast our music so it is too loud for them, so it will just work itself out.  Both parties involved listen to shit music so this is just awful for me now. 

This isn't the only instance.  What about people complaining about loud people in theaters but don't say a word?? Friends having girl/guy trouble.  They ask my advice and then do the opposite.  I'm not saying I know what is best for everyone, but I'm pretty sure when you go on a vacation to a tropical paradise with a group of friends, and your chick disappears with some dude she just met... it's time to break that off.  Or a friend bitches about his roommate always leaving drawers open and dishes in the sink etc.  You can't get mad at the dude if you don't say anything.  How does he know it pisses you off even if it is common sense?? 

Maybe people are just not into confrontation anymore.  I say, fuck it... the worst that happens is you ask some guy to turn his music down and you get a punch in the face for it.  But 99% of the time the guy is going to be cool and turn it down.  And then at least you have some validity to your bitching.  I mean, I still get shit for making a girl cry for telling her I didn't care about her, but at least I didn't bitch to my friends about what I should do for 2 weeks and I didn't lead the girl on.  The problem was solved quickly and now she is happy with some other guy who is probably much less an asshole. 

Now, to not sound like a hypocrite for complaining myself, I have a couple friends to call. 
Uploaded 03/13/2012
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