Most annoying things about eBaumsworldI don't actually hate thi

I am not posting this to be annoying =) This website is awesome. but I made this blog because its sometimes fun to be able to complain without being flamed by dumbasses...sadly,this is public,so we will be flamed. but I honestly don't care... I don't want to blog about anything that will piss people off, so I will delete it if I get to many dumbass messages I guess, But ...

I hate the people who make those  blogs about how bad thier life is,and how noone understands,as if they're the ONLY ones who feel misunderstood and upset sometimes...I hate the people who go around the jokes section and get some kind of"Cheap thrill" From posting the one,annoying word "old" repeatedly and giving 1 star to everything....Please elaborate... No matter what theres always something we don't like about SOMETHING... Oh,my last thing is... I hate people who write blogs about hating things on eBaumsworld! That drives me fucking INSANE! feel free to write your own rants about eBaumsworld suck balls,and  post feedback!!!leave me the hell alone!

Uploaded 06/22/2008
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