Movie Review - Super 8

Well damn, must say this is by far the best movie I have seen this year.

Watching this movie reminded me of the good ole days when I was a kid when you watched a movie with your parents and you loved it.  This movie is like a mash of good movies like The Goonies / E.T / Close Encounters, with a bit of horrific overtones like The Burbs / War of the Worlds (if you don't know about those movies then fuck off - or better yet watch them)

One of the good things about this movie is how the movie draws you in, your actually interested in the characters - being a Abrams film, it does have some kick ass explosions, but the important part of the movie is the characters.  (which really won over this movie for me - it is like Stand by Me and like I said before, The Goonies)

Also, for a older fella like me - there is a lot of nostalgia with the time frame of the movie being 1979 (ya, some of you wouldn't even be alive then)  Another excellent aspect of this movie is - less is more.  Most of the movie flies by, and you don't even see the alien.  (which just builds up the suspense - and even the attack on the bus, you don't see it very much)

So, is it worth seeing?  I think it is an awesome film, well worth your money to see it in the theater.  It has been awhile since I saw a movie and was very satisfied after I left.  I will definitely be picking this up on blue-ray when it is released.

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Uploaded 06/10/2011
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