Much ado about Blogs

  When I first appeared here in EBWs Blog Section, there were a number of great bloggers.  I posted a lot of shit blogs in my first week.  I did not read or follow the blog rules.  I made amends and started to post quality blogs.  My topics included my wifes miscarriage and political issues.  I even posted a joke blog about WallBoy (remember him?).

  I stepped away from EBW for a while.  I came back and found that WallBoy was dead.  Platypuss had disappeared (she and I didnt get along, but respected each others blog posts).  People like Tom and Tyaeda were still there.  MajorFatHead was still there too.  I_like_to_say_poop was gone with his blogs about poop skins.

  Things were great, right?  NO!  There was a rift in the EBW Blog world.  Neko, her followers, and numerous alts were fighting with other bloggers.  Tyaeda received the brunt of attacks.  People were banned.  People left and stopped.

  I grew tired of this and blogged about what war is like.  I did that to show that a blog war was pointless.  Smack talk continued.  Kawfee appeared and threw his two cents in.  Someone found a way to give some blogs 10K views or more.  I grew tired of this along with others.

  I jokingly called those of us tired of the crap the 2 Percenters.  Now we are a real group.  We 2 percenters appreciate real blogs.  We encourage people to blog about real things.  We dont care about ways to succeed in video games.  We dont claim to be great.  We dont insult.  We just blog.  We will not go quietly into the night.  We will use our keyboards and declare in text that we declare our independence from childishness.  We are the 2 Percenters!


Uploaded 12/06/2011
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