Murder in Northern Kentucky.........

Day three of my old lady being off work and HELLLLLP me somebody please help. lol I am on disability and it has taken me a while to come up with a plan to start a small little business where I will sell some of my baked goods at local fairs and farmers markets.  Now I know this is not much but I have worked my whole life and I just cant take this NOT working shit and I can do this on the days I feel strong enough and set my own hours. First off I couldn't even get on my computer until around 10 tonight because she is a) looking for work b) going over the finances) or c) playing games. HELL yes you got it playing games, I really dont mind that, she has worked hard all her life and if she wants to draw a little unemployment well Hell good for her BUT STAY OFF MY COMPUTER. Not 10 minutes ago I looked around the room and she has taken the time to organize stuff so well I cant find a damn thing, yes I am going to kill her. I will wake her up and then put her damn lights out. lol In closing I would like to say its great to see all the old and new faces out there writing stuff because some days it all I have to look forward to so please keep it up and dont take the fighting so personal its all good fun.


Thanks for reading Bohank


Looking forward to State prison real soon.

Uploaded 06/24/2009
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